Madhya Pradesh Government Mono

Office of Advocate General of Madhya Pradesh


Information for OICs :

There are mainly 4 sections in the Advocate General office for the purpose of managing and handling the huge number of cases in the Office:-

  1. Constitutional Section
  2. Criminal Section
  3. Civil Section
  4. Tribunal Section ( CAT).

The OIC attending the A.G. office must first contact the Deputy / Under Secretary (Law) and thereafter the concerned Section Incharge depending upon the nature of the case and the purpose of his attending the Office. On obtaining the file from the relevant Section, the OIC is thereafter required to appear before the concerned Law Officer for preparation of return. After the return has been prepared and is duly completed with all legible documents and authorisation, the same should be submitted by the OIC to the Section  Incharge for the purposes of filing alongwith the file of the case before leaving the A.G. Office.

The system as prevalent in the M.P. High Court as on date is that in all cases filed in the High Court of M.P. in which the State Government is a party, an advance copy of the petition is served on the Advocate General of High Court. The Law Officers attend the cases on the basis of the advance copy. In cases where vital interest of the State Government is involved and specific information in this respect is made available to the Advocate General Office before the case comes up for hearing, appropriate steps in accordance with the information received from the State Government are taken by the concerned Law Officers before the Courts.

The orders if any of interim nature passed in any of the petitions are communicated by the A.G. office to the concerned Department and Officers. The State Government on receiving information appoints officer Incharge of the cases who after collecting all relevant records and information attends the Advocate General office for the purposes of preparing returns or counters as the case may be.