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The Advocate General office of   M.P.   came  into existence  on      November’ 1956 upon the formation of the State of  M.P. as    per the State  Re-Organisation Act 1956  when  the   High Court      of    M.P.     was established. On the formation of  the new State of M.P., Late    Shri  Hon’ble M.Adhikari became the first Advocate  General   for  the State of Madhya Pradesh.

The AG's Office presents all the cases  in which the Govt.  of Madhya Pradesh is one of the parties, in the High Court of M.P.   &  Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).


Shri R.D.Jain is the Advocate General at present. His companion Law officers(in all three Benches) are as under :-
Shri Purushaindra Kaurav,
Addl. Advocate General at Jabalpur.
Shri Manoj Dwivedi, Addl. Advocate General at Indore Shri M.P.S. Raghuvanshi, Addl. Advocate General at Gwalior
Shri K.S. Wadhwa           Addl. Advocate General at Jabalpur.
Advocate Generals of Madhya Pradesh :
1. LATE HON. SHRI M.ADHIKARI   01.11.1956   31.05.1966
2. HON. SHRI A.P.SEN   01.06.1966   07.11.1967
3. LATE HON.SHRI Y.S.DHARMADHIKARI   12.08.1971   31.07.1975
4. LATE HON. SHRI N.C. NIHALANI   27.08.1975   11.07.1977
5. LATE HON.SHRI S.L.GARG   11.07.1977   13.03.1980
6. HON.SHRI A.M.MATHUR   13.03.1980   15.04.1987
24.02.1988 21.07.1989
7. HON. SHRI M.V.TAMASKAR   15.04.1987   18.02.1988
31.03.1989   16.03.1990
8. HON.SHRI N.C. JAIN   17.03.1990   21.12.1992
9. HON. SHRI ANOOP GEORGE CHOUDHARI   13.09.1994   24.10.1996
10. HON.SHRI S.L. SAXENA   23.11.1996   15.02.1999
11. HON. SHRI V.K.TANKHA   16.02.1999  
12. HON. SHRI R.N. SINGH 24.06.2009
13. HON. SHRI R.D.JAIN 26.06.2009 PRESENT AG